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Heartland Brewery, Union Square

I just got back from dinner here with a couple friends. We were just looking for a good burger joint and my friend suggested this place as a “solid” choice. Apparently there’s another one of these somewhere else in the city.

[ - Heartland Brewery Dinner Menu ]

Heartland Brewery Heartland Brewery Heartland Brewery Heartland Brewery

So, I’m going to jump on the negatives and finish this off on a positive note. Here are a couple suggestions that I hope the management takes to heart:


  1. When serving me my meal, don’t just hand the first plate in your hand to the first person you see. I don’t like having to play musical plates because the guy who doesn’t speak English doesn’t care to make sure we’re getting what we ordered. Our guy went 0/4 and I even told him to “just calm down.”
  2. Please don’t knock stuff over when clearing the empty plates off our table – better yet, ask first if you can clean off the plates instead of assuming that making an obnoxious charade in the middle of my conversation would be OK with me – lastly, don’t clear stuff off the table that I’m using/eating still without asking.
  3. If you’re a waiter/waitress and you see me with NOTHING on my table – please ask if you can bring me the check, especially if I have been sitting there for 20 minutes. Way to make my conversation uncomfortable.


On a Sunday night when it’s not that busy, the staff shouldn’t be acting like it is when a) delivering food b) acting like you want me to leave c) not delivering service.

The one thing that stood out among all negatives was the lack of service.


  1. The O’Ren’s porter was excellent. I’ve heard about it I just never experienced it. So thank you for turning me on to it.
  2. The atmosphere is warm. I think the lighting, table arrangement, & quality of tables & chairs is important in any restaurant. At least make sure the quality isn’t so low that I might notice. In this case, I didn’t notice any problems and felt quite comfortable. We also had a nice view from the second floor down to the bar and over the kettle room.
  3. The portions and food quality were fair considering the location. I think I paid ~$14 for a Rosemary Chicken on Foccacia w/ Cheddar and fries. The menu showed beer pairings with many dishes. I thought this was a nice touch since the drinks were quite unique.
  4. We had our waters filled several times which was interesting considering the poor service otherwise – also I seemed strangely thirsty throughout the whole meal (I think I drank 3 glasses of water)


The atmosphere was very nice, the shiny metal beer vats are pretty cool, their beer selection is very nice and their food selection is reasonable. I certainly wasn’t hungry or overfilled after dinner. Also, I didn’t go broke eating out.

Overall summary:

I think if/when I go back I’ll be a little more pushy with the staff. (We basically had to yell at them while they were running past because they wouldn’t stop on their own) I’ll also try some whole meal with drink pairing and see what happens. This is definitely a good place to meet with any type of friend, or just drink/eat alone at the bar.

【Heartland Brewery Union Square】

35 Union Square
New York, NY 10003
(212) 582-2057

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3 Responses

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  1. I’m all about a good beer but 14 dollars a plate should come with some decent service but maybe that’s just me. I do tend to be a bit cheap.

  2. I like your interview, and I was thinking, well this is the kind of place you should visit again in a couple of months, maybe even send them your review.
    Reviews are good to help people get some feed back. Anywayz, great review.

  3. nice site. thumbs up for SU…

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