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Naples 45, Ristorante E Pizzeria

Since we live in Brooklyn we get our fair share of quality pizza, so when my wife tells me that this place has good pizza (in Midtown), I was a bit skeptical.

I’ve actually been here before but it was for a company event so I wasn’t paying close attention (or paying for the meal). So tonight, the setting was a frigid windy evening, after work, around 7pm, we’re tired, and just looking for a place to sit down and enjoy some comfortable, substantial food…

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Naples 45 Naples 45 Naples 45 Naples 45 Naples 45

In standard fashion, I’m going to rip this place a little bit, then finish off with a smattering of compliments.


  1. It’s @#$%ing freezing outside, don’t sit me right underneath the air conditioner.

That’s the only negative. I’m sure other people got warmer seats but I think overall, they should address this. During the summer this place is probably fantastic – it’s got a lot of wide open space with unique little seating areas and a substantial bar from what I could tell. But in the winter, especially at night, maybe tone down the lights (at least make me think I’m somewhere other than a refrigerator), and shut off the few AC units that are directly over the seating areas. Nobody wants to come to dinner from working their butt off all day just to try and keep their jobs in this economic cluster@?!$, only to find their one last chance for relaxation get blown away in a never ending jet stream of fake, dry, cold ass air right up their neck… but that’s my only complaint.


  1. Service: The host(S!!) were very welcoming, as were our waitress(ES!!) and the bus boys. The one waitress had sort of a funky eye/teeth thing going and the other girl seemed a little self-conscious and suspicious that we (I) might be onto the fact that it seemed like she was hiding an eastern-European accent (or something – I might just be making things up in my head). I’m guessing this place gets a lot of the uppity, strung-out, finance crowd in for $15-20 lunches and the wait staff is used to being treated like crap (honestly I don’t know any guys in finance but I hear they’re doing alright). Maybe I’m totally wrong though, maybe they just tip well, and that’s what you get at a place that expects good tips: good service…? What do you think?

    Overall they were very cheerful and specifically very attentive to us. If there’s one thing I like its when someone is paying attention to me.

  2. Food: a) came out fast AND at the right pace (read: “being attentive”) b) portions were right on the money c) everything was delicious. I’m certainly not saying anything was like rockstar good, but it’s solid. My wife still doesn’t know if she likes the pizza here better than Fornino’s in Williamsburg, and to be honest I think the prosciutto arugala pizza was comparable to Fornino’s but some of Fornino’s other pizzas (white truffle) blow this place out of the water. To be fair… Forninos is a pizzeria and Naples 45 is a “Ristorante E Pizzeria” with an emphasis on the “Ristorante”.

Overall summary:

Naples 45 is easily accessible (close to Grand Central), offers great service, and solid food. If/when we go back, I’ll definitely check to make sure there isn’t a vent blowing directly overhead before we sit down. I’d also like to find out if there is anything that’s particularly good there because it seems as though they’re coming off as high-end-ish but they’ve got a pretty confusing menu with seemingly predictable menu items. A menu, which was so confusing, that I cannot remember a single item on it except for those which we ordered. I did just remember that all the wines were 25% off, which was kind of strange. Come to think of it I probably shouldn’t be spending so much on dinner in these tough financial times ;)

Per person price: ~$40

Our dinner: Sparkling water, fried calamari, eggplant + ?? + cheese, some kind of funky salad, quattro formaggi & prosciutto + arugala pizzas.

【Naples 45】
MetLife Building
200 Park Ave. at E. 45th St.
New York, NY 10166
(212) 972-7000


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