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Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse @ Grand Central

A little while ago we decided to take our roomate out to Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse for his birthday. He’s a big basketball guy from Japan (I mean big in terms of his fan-level not physical stature) – and in Japan, Michael Jordan is just as much as a legend as he is here. To what degree his ability to play basketball compliments his ability to produce a great steak-eating-experience… I don’t know.

[Michael Jordan's Steakhouse]

Michael Jordan's Steakhouse Michael Jordan's Steakhouse Michael Jordan's Steakhouse Michael Jordan's Steakhouse Michael Jordan's Steakhouse

Our first impression was that although we usually associate Grand Central with the smelly subway, the homeless people sleeping in every possible corner, and the stress associated with hundreds of people ALWAYS running in EVERY direction, there is a feeling of satisfaction and ‘Grand’ness that comes with knowing you’re about to drop a couple hundred dollars on a good dinner. The terminal itself is very beautiful with it’s old architecture and super-high ceilings. If you’ve never been there, it’s hard to describe it other than ‘busy’ and ‘grand’.

So onto the dinner… I usually don’t approach going to restaurants with the mindset that my behavior will change depending on the “class” of restaurant (a.k.a. I’m the one paying, I should feel comfortable.) Sometimes people will go to a higher-than-usual-for-them class of restaurant and feel uncomfortable about acting a specific way or “fitting in with the regulars”. Now, that mentality doesn’t mean I’m snobbish, (I’m never obnoxious or rude to the waitress or other patrons I’m just looking for a good dinner), but I’m certain that there are types of people who feel “a little more entitled” which puts the waitress in a position which requires them to ascertain and attempt to meet the patron’s level of expected service. That ability is very important for me in my dinner-going experience. I don’t want to feel like I’m being either a prick, or “un-civilized” – again, I want to feel welcomed and comfortable.

Service summary:

All that being said, I felt a smidge unsure about whether the waitress had “figured us out”. That kind of irritated me. It was almost as if she were to say with uncertainty, “I hope we’re all clear on how much this is going to cost…” It was either that or the fact that everyone was wearing a butcher smock (see pic. #2) that rubbed me the wrong way. Anyways, I’ll place the onus on her for not gauging us correctly.

The food:

We ordered salads, toasted bread with spinach and Gorgonzola dip (pic #1), a basket of fries, seared tuna, two filet mignons, an $80 bottle of some Australian (?) wine, some espresso and tea, and a humongous slice of cake. I always compare steak to the best steak I ever had: the “South Side” filet mignon at David Burke’s Primehouse in Chicago. So, if the Primehouse steak was a 100, I would say this was a 65. It was very good but I would give it a 4/5 on flavor, 4/5 on juiciness, 4/5 on presentation, 4/5 on cooking it to my expectation (medium rare, with an emphasis on the rare should have been a bit more rare). On a positive note, there weren’t hunks of fat hanging off the side and it wasn’t sitting in a pool of liquid.


I think overall the food was worth the cost. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any higher quality cuts of meat but maybe I’ll find that at Peter Luger’s when I finally make it there. I think the placement of the restaurant in Grand Central is an appropriate fit seeing that all of the portions were super-sized (look at the basket of fries in pic. #3), as was the atmospheric feeling while having dinner. If/when we end up going back there, I think we’ll skip the salad and wine (even though the wine was fantastic.)

Price per person: ~$100

Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse
23 Vanderbilt Ave
New York, NY 10017
(212) 655-2300

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  1. You could also add a google maps for the location

  2. @ricardo – is the Google Maps not working for you?

  3. I’ve never eaten at Michael Jordan’s Steakhouse, but i have eaten at Magic Johnson’s TGI Friday’s in Crenshaw… i don’t think Magic has a chance against Michael.

    sweet blog by the way you guys.

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