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Brooklyn Label – Greenpoint, Brooklyn

This past weekend we had some friends in town so naturally, since we’ve chosen Brooklyn Label as our favorite brunch spot in the area, we took them there. Brooklyn Label has all the right elements which make this my favorite place for brunch: high quality and unique menu options, great coffee, big windows, tall ceilings & comfortable atmosphere, & friendly staff.
Neighborhood: Greenpoint, Brooklyn
180 Franklin St.
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 389-2806

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We’ve been to Brooklyn Label a few times now, once alone and twice with friends. Each time we’ve tried different things and have never been dissatisfied. One thing which is very important to me is the coffee. Maybe I’m a spoiled coffee snob but I just hate thinking “this is probably Maxwell House that’s been burning in the pot for like 3 hours…” I want to know I’m getting good coffee. One other thing I like about this place is that they have the brunch staples like french toast, steak and eggs, eggs Benedict, omelets, etc. but they all have a cool twist to them (ex: green eggs (“greenpoint”), super thick french toast with pecan butter, waffles the size of your head, etc.)

What did we have?

We had a Green-Eggs-No-Ham omelet & Biscuits & Eggs & Gravy w/ Sausage, and our friends had a huge Belgian Waffle & and French Toast. The omelet was much better than the one at the River Barrel – very soft and flavorful. The biscuits were a bit thicker than I would have liked but they did go very well with the sausage and gravy. We’ve had the waffle and french toast before and they’re great as well. The french toast is very very thick and the pecan butter it comes with is delicious. My only complaint about the waffle we had was that there wasn’t enough fruit on it and it ended up being a bit dry.

Will I be coming back?

Yes of course.

What suggestions would I make?

Hire English speaking staff.

One thing which happened that I thought was funny (though it wasn’t actually funny) was that we ordered a couple mugs of house coffee while we were waiting for our seats and (unfortunately) I didn’t realize that the mug I had been drinking out of had some syrup or something with fuzz stuck to it on the rim of the mouth of the cup (yum). So after we sat down when I realized this, I asked our waiter for a different cup because that one had something on the mouth. He kind of looked at me and said “coffee?” (I think) and looked as if he was going to start refilling the cup… ? So I POINTED to the cup and said “look – there’s crap on my mug please bring me a different mug.” And what does he do??? he refills the fricking mug anyways. So I started to get a little pissed and said again “If you don’t give me a different mug I’m not drinking this – IT IS DIRTY” and I pushed the mug to him and looked at him so as if to say “I am clearly pissed right now.”

Apparently, he had “trouble” with speaking/understanding English. It was a bit loud and busy though so I’ll take that into consideration but this was the morning after our English-misunderstanding incident at Rare Bar & Grill so I was a bit more sensitive to it than usual. My theory is that if a restaurant is going to save money by hiring non-English speaking staff then they should be aware of the risk they take of having customers get pissed about it, and then flaming them on some little website :)

Do something about the ceilings.

I like to think of myself as not being too picky about things (I’ll eat anywhere at least once) but I have to agree with the one thing that my guests pointed out here – it looks like pieces of the ceiling were constantly falling. I didn’t personally notice it (though I might just have been trying to NOT notice it) but I agree that it’s the first thing that stands out about this place. The ceiling looks like its has paint or plaster or something that is just seconds away from chipping off, and for a place that serves food, this means that patrons are constantly aware that they may be accidentally ingesting whatever orange and brown stain-ish looking crap is stuck to the ceilings. The place was and has always been packed when we go there so I’m assuming that most people either haven’t noticed or don’t care.


Brooklyn Label is a solid brunch spot and probably the best in the area next to the Greenpoint Coffee House. I’ll keep coming back even if they never fix the ceilings or hire more English-fluent staff.

Price per person: ~$15 (total including tax and tip)

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